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Grace is Love


God has an assignment for you that nobody else can fulfill. God needs you. He needs your gifts, your smile, your love, your passion. You are a part of His divine plan. You have something to offer nobody else can offer. Nobody has your exact personality, your exact looks. There is something unique about you. Don’t wear that “average” label. If you think you’re average, then you’ll be average. If you think you’re ordinary, then you’ll live an ordinary, “get by life” and never do anything great.

The truth is, there is nothing ordinary about you. You have the fingerprints of God all over you. The Creator of the universe breathed His life into you. He crowned you with His favor. You have royal blood flowing through your veins. You have a destiny to fulfill, something greater than you’ve ever even imagined. Embrace His truth, embrace His love, and embrace the blessings He has in store for your future!



Kids Smiling From All Over the world

أصدقاء للابد

let them always smile….

Hi I am Amber. I dont really have a sole purporse for this blog so I will say that it has many purposes. First I love Jesus, Romans1:16; So I will post or repost things about my love for Christ. Secondly I love to dance, I really enjoy all types of dance styles but I really love Ballet and praise dance. Thirdly I love fashion so there will be tons of repost or post of fashion pictures. So again this blog will have tons of things that I like and enjoy, so enjoy! :0)
*** http://instagram.com/amby493 ***
I have a blog as well DaintilyMade

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